This game is made by Lpcarver


This is a Gameshow where the contestants will answer a question, and if they answer it correctly, they move on. If it's wrong, they are out.

You have to tell me which character you want to play as, and answer the current question that is on the board.

Past QuestionsEdit

In 2013, what was the 10th most popular dog breed in America.

A. Dachshund

B. Poodle

C. Boxer

D. Chihuahua

Which of the following has been named into the Top 10 best gameshows?

A. Supermarket Sweep

B. Press Your Luck (Incorrect)

C. Jeopardy (Incorrect)

D. The 25,000 Pyramid (Incorrect)

Which of these movies had the best all time soundtrack in 2011?

A. The Lion king (Incorrect)

B. Saturday Night Fever

C. The Bodyguard

D. Titanic (Incorrect)

What do Americans believe exist the most?

A. Vampires

B. Ghosts

C. The Chucacabra

D. UFOs (Incorrect)

Which of these places does NOT have an ATM?

A. Pennsylvania's Amish Country (Incorrect)

B. Antarctica (Incorrect)

C. Vatican City

D. The White House

Which of the following was the first ever game made by Flipline?

A. Papa Louie (Incorrect)

B. Guppy Guard Express

C. Papa's Pizzeria

D. Steak and Jake

Which of the following ranked the highest on best female singers in 2013?

A. Lana Del Ray

B. Beyoncé Knowles

C. Adele

D. Alicia Keys

What is going to be Bart Baker's next parody video he makes?

A. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

B. Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson

C. This is How We Do by Katy Perry

D. He closed his account many years ago (Incorrect)

In the horror issue of GameInformer, which was voted as the scariest game of all time?

A. Silent Hill 2 (Incorrect)

B. Amnesia: Dark Descent (Incorrect)

C. Five Nights at Freddy's (Incorrect)

D. Resident Evil

Which of these was the #1 reality game show ever?

A. Big Brother

B. Survivor (Incorrect)

C. The Mole (Incorrect)

D. Whodunit? (Incorrect)

Current QuestionEdit

In the show Whodunit, who was the actual killer?

A. Melina

B. Kris

C. Lindsay

D. Joseph


Color Description
1st This character has won
2nd This character has placed 2nd
3rd This character has placed 3rd
Color Description
Correct This character has taken a Quiz and got a correct answer
DNT This character has not yet taken a Quiz.
OUT This character has been Ejected from the show


Character Stats Rank
Beth OUT 49th
Bridgette DNT TBAth
Courtney OUT 52nd
Cody DNT TBAth
DJ OUT 47th
Duncan OUT 39th
Eva OUT 45th
Ezekiel Correct TBAth
Geoff DNT TBAth
Gwen OUT 42nd
Harold OUT 41st
Heather OUT 49th
Izzy DNT TBAth
Justin OUT 48th
Katie DNT TBAth
Leshawna Correct TBAth
Lindsay DNT TBAth
Noah DNT TBAth
Owen DNT TBAth
Sadie DNT TBAth
Trent DNT TBAth
Tyler OUT 50th
Blaineley OUT 46th
Alejandro DNT TBAth
Sierra DNT TBAth
Staci DNT TBAth
Anne Maria Correct TBAth
B OUT 52nd
Brick Correct TBAth
Cameron DNT TBAth
Dakota DNT TBAth
Dawn OUT 51st
Lightning DNT TBAth
Mike DNT TBAth
Scott OUT 44th
Zoey Correct TBAth
Beardo Correct TBAth
Samey DNT TBAth
Rodney OUT 38th
Ella DNT TBAth
Topher Correct TBAth
Dave DNT TBAth
Scarlett Correct TBAth
Jasmine Correct TBAth
Sugar OUT 43rd
Shawn Correct TBAth

Only one is right! You can purposely get it wrong or right to keep someone in, but we shall see, BEGIN!

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