Dodge This! is the second episode of season one, Total Drama Island.


Chris: Last time on total drama, we jumped off a cliff to advance to the next round! But it was Beardo who didn't jump that was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next? Who will win the challenge? Find out all that and more, right now on, TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!

Intro Plays

Chris: Alright guys, meet me at the gym in one hour.

Confessional Static

Cody: My bro Owen and my bro Noah have to be in an alliance with me or else I could be going down.

Confessional Static

Noah: We are at a disadvantage. I mean please: 6-7. C'mon, I know we can do better. After all, the game is just beginning...

Confessional Static

At the Gym

Chris: You second challenge is a dodge ball game. The team that wins the game wins immunity!

Confessional Static

Ella: I hope I'm safe if my team loses.

Confessional Static

Sugar: *Hits Ella*

Ella: (Yells) Sugar! You are a huge B****!

Confessional Static

Ella: It's so funny that everyone thinks I'm a little princess, but I'm not! I'm really mean and the main antagonist of the season! Mwa- ha-ha!

Confessional Static

Dakota: *Hits Sugar*

30 Minutes Later

Chris: It's down to Owen, LeShawna, and Geoff vs. Shawn.

Shawn: *Hits Geoff and LeShawna*

Chris: Owen vs. Shawn

Owen: *Throws Powerball at Shawn.

Chris: The Screaming Gophers win again! Meet me at the elimination ceremony in an hour!

Ella: Hey Heather, alliance?

Heather: No way!

Confessional Static

Ella: She doesn't know what's coming her way...

Confessional Static

Cody: Elimination again? Come on! But I have to vote my boy Noah...

Confessional Static

At the Elimination Ceremony

Chris: The first marshmallow goes to Cody!

Cody: *Catches Marshmallow*

Chris: B!

B: *Catches Marshmallow*

Chris: Sugar!

Sugar: *Catches Marshmallow*

Chris: Scott!

Scott: *Catches Marshmallow*

Chris: The final marshmallow goes to...

Chris: Noah!

Noah: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: That means Shawn is eliminated.

Shawn: Bye guys...

Chris: See you next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!

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