heather played in season 1, total drama island. She is played by WildSpanishKid. She has black hair and grey eyes. She makes an alliance with Sugar in episode 1. She also forms a rivalry with Shawn in episode 1 of Total Drama Island. She forms a rivalry with Ella in episode 2 of Total Drama Island. She currently doesn't have any relationships.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Ep. 1- Welcome to WawanakwaEdit

Heather arrives on the dock with Shawn and Noah. After Shawn introduces himself, Heather calls him a zombie freak. She is put on The Screaming Gophers. She then confronts Sugar and asks her if she want to be in an alliance with her even though they are both on different teams. Sugar agrees. She is the first jumper on her team during the challenge and her team won that challenge.

Ep. 2- Dodge This!Edit

Heather's team wins the challenge.

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