LeShawna played in season 1, total drama island. She is played by Robby Fowler. She has black hair and brown eyes. She makes an alliance with B in episode 1 of Total Drama Island. She currently doesn't have any relationships or enemies.



Total Drama IslandEdit

Ep. 1- Welcome to WawanakwaEdit

LeShawna arrives on the dock with Cody and Scott. She states "LeShawna's in the house!" She makes a confessional about needing an alliance to make it far in the game. She then confronts B that she wants to be in an alliance with her. B agrees. She is put on The Screaming Gophers. She is the fourth jumper on her team during the challenge and her team won the challenge.

Ep. 2- Dodge This!Edit

At the end of the challenge, it is LeShawna, Owen, and Geoff vs. Shawn. Shawn throws a ball at her. Her team won the challenge.

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