Noah competed in season 1 total drama island. He is played by Erick Mejia. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. he currently doesn't have any relationships, friends, or enemies.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Ep. 1- Welcome to WawanakwaEdit

Noah arrives on the dock with Heather and Shawn. When Heather and Shawn were fighting, he replied "Fine, you both win." He makes a confessional about needing to be careful about what he was doing that season. He ends up being put on The Killer Bass. He is the second jumper on his team during the challenge. He receives the second marshmallow during the elimination ceremony.

Ep. 2- Dodge This!Edit

Noah makes a confessional about how his team is at a disadvantage. He gets the fifth marshmallow in the elimination ceremony.

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