Chris: The Killer Bass are now at two people. Will they win a challenge for once? Or will we have a team of one? Find out all that and more right now on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!

Intro Plays

Chris: Meet me at the shooting range in half an hour!

Confessional Static

Ella: I think I have a crush on Geoff...

Confessional Static

At The Shooting Range

Chris: The first team to have all their members shoot a bulls eye wins!

LeShawna: Shoots Bulls eye

Geoff: Shoots Bulls eye

Chris: The Screaming Gophers are already two people ahead!

Noah: Shoots Bulls eye

Chris: The Killer Bass only need one more person to do it!

Dakota: Shoots Bulls eye

Cody: Shoots Bulls eye

Chris: The Killer Bass finally win! Meet me at the elimination ceremony in half an hour!

Confessional Static

Owen: Oh no! I missed the challenge! I knew I shouldn't have stopped by the cake factory...

Confessional Static

Geoff: That challenge was easy! I might vote Dakota though...

Confessional Static

Cody: YES! We won! I hope Dakota doesn't get eliminated...

Confessional Static

Dakota: I vote LeShawna. I think once she fails the show, she would make a good prostitute.

Confessional Static

Ella: My girl LeShawna better not be eliminated...

Confessional Static

At The Elimination Ceremony

Chris: If I call your name, you are safe. The first marshmallow goes to...Geoff!

Geoff: Eats Marshmallow

Chris: Ella!

Ella: Eats Marshmallow

Chris: Dakota!

Dakota: Eats Marshmallow

Chris: Owen!

Owen: Eats Marshmallow

Chris: The final marshmallow goes to...

Chris: LeShawna! That means Heather is out!

Heather: Bye!

Chris: See ya next time!

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