Scott competed in season 1, total drama island. He is played by Slamsam88. He has orange hair and blue eyes. In episode 1 he forms an alliance with Shawn. In episode 1 he also forms a rrivalry with Beardo. He currently doesn't have any relationships.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Ep. 1- Welcome to WawanakwaEdit

Scott arrived on the dock with LeShawna and Cody. He starts by saying hi to the other competitors. He confronts Shawn and asks him to be in an alliance with him. In the main hall, Scott asks Chris what everyone was there for. Chris replies that they are picking teams. He is put on The Killer Bass with Shawn. Shawn agrees. Scott is third jumper on his team during the challenge. When Beardo doesn't do the challenge, Scott complains. At the elimination ceremony, Scott receives the third marshmallow.

Ep. 2- Dodge This!Edit

Scott gets the fourth marshmallow at the elimination ceremony.

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