Chris: Su far the teams have...Actually, let's just cut to the chase.

Intro Plays

Chris: Meet me at the docks in an hour.

Confessional Static

LeShawna: I was almost eliminated! That was close! Happy to be with Noah!

Confessional Static

Noah: I hope Chris gives us a good challenge. This season is becoming difficult...

Confessional Static

Geoff: Hi Ella!

Ella: Hi!

Geoff: You're really pretty.

Ella: Oh my. Blushes

LeShawna: Hey gurl! Let's go talk bad about people!

Ella: I'm talking to Geoff.

Geoff: Noah! I don't mind! You two have fun!

LeShawna: Ok! Let's go!

Ella: Catch you later!

Confessional Static

Geoff: Ella is an interesting girl. I wouldn't mind mingling with her some more...

Confessional Static

At The Docks

Chris: Your challenge is to survive in the woods. The team with the most clever survival tactics wins!

2 Hours Later

Chris: Let's see how The Killer Bass is doing!

Cody: *Stays in his tent and hunts*

Noah: *Collects fruit and water using buckets made with reeds and find wood, makes a tent with leaves and wood, put's torches around his tent to scare away the animals, uses his girly scream for defense*

Chris: Now let's look at The Screaming Gophers!

Dakota: *Cries because there is no paparazzi, but teammates try to help her out*

Geoff: *Fishes and sets bear traps*

LeShawna: *Gets wood for a fire, and builds a shelter, and scavenges for food and water, and makes weapons*

Owen: *Hides behind rocks, goes fishing, drinks pond water, uses dead branches as a bed, uses leaves as a blanket, throws Mr. Coconut as a weapon*

Ella: *Makes a fire and annoys everyone when she sings to the animals*

Chris: The winning team is the...Killer Bass because of Noah! And I will see the Screaming Gophers at the elimination ceremony for the second time in a row!

At The Elimination Ceremony

Chris: The first person safe is...Geoff

Geoff: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: Owen!

Owen: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: LeShawna!

LeShawna: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: The final two is Dakota and Ella. Dakota, you annoyed your team with your crying. Ella, you annoyed your team with your singing. The final person safe is...

Chris: Dakota. Sorry Ella, but you're gone!

Ella: Bye, Geoff...

Geoff: Bye, Ella!

Chris: We have a special surprise for you next episode so stay tuned!

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