Congratulations! You have all made it into this camp! Before I give you the challenges, I would like to give you the cast.

Killer Bass

  • Shawn-Total Drama Fan,
  • Noah- Erick Mejia,
  • Sugar- Luis Steele,
  • Scott- Slamsam88
  • Cody- Bryson Total Drama Boutin
  • Beardo- Jakerbraker123
  • B- Locogamer64

Screaming Gophers

  • Heather- WildSpanishKid,
  • Dakota- TDFan4Ever,
  • Geoff- TDstuff2
  • LeShawna- Robby Fowler
  • Owen- Teenagegamer777
  • Ella- totaldrama fan
  • Trent- Mjmpb11

Your first challenge is to jump off a cliff into a pool of sharks. You must comment "I jumped" to complete the challenge. This challenge is due 9/17/14. First team to have everyone comment or the team that has the most comments by the end of the due date wins. The losing team will have to go to the elimination ceremony. Good luck and please send in scenes and confessionals.

Killer Bass- 5

Screaming Gophers- 6

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