Only the Eliminated Contestants need to do this. Answer the questions under your name below.


How does it feel to be the first person eliminated?

During your short time on the show, did you make any friends?

How about enemies?


Why do you think you got voted out so early?

Someone switched the votes to vote you off! What is your reaction to this?


Who do you think will win this season?


Who do you think will go home next?


You only lasted four episodes, why do you think that is?

Did your teammates like you?

Now it's time for a surprise! The eliminated contestants get to vote for one player to be eliminated! The player with the most votes really is eliminated! You can vote for:

  • Noah- Erick Mejia
  • Scott- Slamsam88
  • Cody- Bryson Total Drama Boutin
  • B- Locogamer64
  • Heather- WildSpanishKid
  • Dakota- TDFan4Ever
  • Geoff- TDstuff2
  • LeShawna- Robby Fowler
  • Owen- teenagegamer777
  • Ella- totaldramafan

PM me who you want to eliminate

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