Your second challenge is to play a dodge ball game. Pick a person on the other team to throw a ball at. When you do, they are out. The team with the most people standing in the end, wins. Here is the cast:

Killer Bass

  • Shawn-Total Drama Fan-OUT
  • Noah- Erick Mejia- OUT
  • Sugar- Luis Steele- OUT
  • Scott- Slamsam88: OUT
  • Cody- Bryson Total Drama Boutin- OUT
  • B- Locogamer64- OUT

Screaming Gophers

  • Heather- WildSpanishKid- OUT
  • Dakota- TDFan4Ever,
  • Geoff- TDstuff2
  • LeShawna- Robby Fowler
  • Owen- Teenagegamer777
  • Ella- totaldrama fan: OUT
  • Trent- Mjmpb11

This challenge is due on 9-21-14. Good luck and make scenes and confessionals please!

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