America's Got Talent except it is for Total Drama Contestants

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This is a fan fiction! You can root for someone in the comments section below!

Here is how it works. The contestants audition for the show, and if they pass 15 points, they move on to the next round. The judges have 2 buttons as well. A red one and a golden one.

The red button adds one vote for the contestant to just stop his/her act right there, three red X's and the show is over, they will vote to keep them in or no.

The Golden X, if it is pressed, automatically moves the contestant forward 2 rounds, to the judges team phase. When that phase happens, whoever pressed the button will go to the team of the judge that pressed the button. Each judge only gets 3 button presses.

The Show Starts HereEdit

Act 1Edit

Ezekiel: Yo! Yo! Yo! My talent is, uh... Bow and Arrow tricks!

Chris: Go on...

Ezekiel: *Shoots arrow at Chef's hat*




All the judges: That was boring! Zero!

Ezekiel: I was just too much for you!

Act 2Edit

Eva: Hello ._.

Chris: So you can lift ultra weights.

Eva: Yes *lifts 1000 pound weights on both hands*

Chef: Wow! Is that even possible.

Eva: I was just warming up ._.

Chef: 10/10

Chris: 9/10

Blaineley: 1/10, I don't get impressed by things I don't like.

Eva: Whatever, I still move on....

Act 3Edit

Noah: Where am I?


Noah: Why are you laughing?


Noah: WTH? ._.


Chris: GOLDX

Noah: Ooooh now I get it... Wait.. How did I end up on America's Got Talent ._.

Chris: Welcome to Team Chris, Noah!

Act 4Edit

Justin: Hiii! *rips off shirt*


Justin: That took longer than I expected.

Act 5Edit

Katie: Hi! Me and Sadie are going to dance!

Chef: Didn't you suck back on the island?

Sadie: We took classes!

Blaineley: Show us what you got, girls!

Katie and Sadie: *They start dancing to "Break Free" by Ariana Grande*

Chef: REDX

Blaineley: Really Chef! They are good!

Chris: She is right..

Chef: I don't care.. I give them a 2/10

Blaineley: 8/10

Chris: 7/10

Katie and Sadie: EEEEE! WE DID IT!

Act 6Edit

Tyler: WOO HOO! EXTREME! *Comes in on a motorcycle!


Chris: Cool!

Chef: Seen it!

Tyler: EXTREME *Fails at basketball*

Chef: REDX

Chris: Yeah, you are right, he does suck. REDX

Tyler: WHAT???

Chris: 2/10

Chef: 1/10

Blaineley: 2/10

Tyler: Aw man! :(

Act 7Edit

Izzy: Heheheheheh...

Chef: Oh no...

Izzy: My talent is Hypnosis! Chef, look into my eyes!

Chris: Eyes? I thought hypnosis had a watch!

Izzy: Look at your hand!

Chef: *Looks at hand*

Izzy: Use it to press that golden button right there!



Chef: What just happened?

Chris: She just hypnotized you to press the gold button!

Chef: SHE IS ON MY TEAM!?!?! OH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Act 9Edit

Cody: Hey everyone! Are you ready to see the trick, up my sleeve? *Pulls out a Yo-Yo from under his sleeve.*

Chef: Haha clever!

Cody: *Does some really cool Yo-Yo tricks*

Blaineley: Simply amazing! 10/10

Chef: Outstanding! Who knew a Yo-Yo could be that cool? 10/10

Chris: 9/10. Trololol

Cody: 29/30?!? That's awesome!

Act 10Edit

Beth: I'm going to be singing, Let it Go by Inita Menzel!

Chris: Okay....

Beth: *Starts singing*

Chris: I liked it!

Blaineley: That was sweet! 6/10

Chris: 8/10

Chef: 5/10

???: Ugh, you call THAT singing?

Chris: Huh?

???: CUE THE MUSIC! *The tune Total Eclipse of the Heart starts playing and Courtney comes out and sings to it*

Blaineley: GOLDX I may hate you but I loved it!

Courtney: Beth, feel lucky they actually let you move on *laughs*

Beth: Grr...

Act 11Edit

Harold: Hello, I'm going to beatbox!


Harold: *Beatboxes*

Chef: I think you got worse, because I don't want to press the button, but I still want to give you a 10/10!

Blaineley: Yeah.. No... 1/10

Chris: 6/10, You can't deny the wicked Beatboxing!

Harold: Yessssss

Act 12Edit

Trent: Hello everyone!

Chef: This is going to be a nice show already!

Trent: *Pulls out guitar and performs and original piece*

Blaineley: It was beautiful! 10/10

Chris: I like it too! This time I don't want to troll! 10/10

Chef: 10/10

Trent: OMG yay! Perfect score!

Act 13Edit

Bridgette: Hi! I can stand on my head for 20 minutes!

Chef: Ok?

Bridgette: *Stands on her head*

~~20 Minutes Later~~

Judges: *All asleep*

Bridgette: Haha! I did it!

Judges: *wake up* What?

Chef: 1/10

Chris: I hardly doubt you did anything. 2/10

Blaineley: I have faith. 10/10

Bridgette: It still wasn't enough. :(

Blaineley: Goodbye Bridgette!

Bridgette: I still hate you for sending me to Siberia...

Blaineley: Hehehe....

Act 14Edit

Lindsay: Haiiiii! ♥

Blaineley: Hi there sweetie! What are you going to be doing!

Lindsay: Singing! Ahem... *Sings Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony*

Chef: That was basically the perfect song for you, you WERE Bo$$! 9/10

Chris: Personally I didn't like it as much.. 4/10

Blaineley: Well I did! 10/10

Lindsay: Is that good or bad.

Chris: I thought she wasn't stupid anymore.... Dang it!

Act 15Edit


Chef: ...

DJ: *Pulls a bunny out of a top hat*

Chris: REDX

DJ: Uh... Magic?

Chef: REDX

DJ: Alakazam?

Blaineley: REDX 1/10

Chris: 1/10

Chef: 2/10

DJ: GUESS WHAT? DO YOU WANT TO SEE REAL MAGIC?? WELL PRESTO! *Sticks up the middle finger*

Act 16Edit

Geoff: Yo! Watch me pull off some mad tricks!

Chef: I can finally watch him do it.

Geoff: *Does cool Skating tricks*

Blaineley: REDX This isn't cool, it's boring!

Chris: I like it! 6/10

Chef: 8/10

Blaineley: I would give you a zero, but the lowest I can give you is a 1/10 -_-

Geoff: I won't let you down next time, brah!

Blaineley: Uh, yes! You will!

Act 17Edit

Leshawna: Yo Yo Yo! Leshawna's in the HOUUUUSEEE!

Blaineley: Woot!

Leshawna: *Sings Anaconda by Nicki Minaj*

Judges: Wow! That was awesome!

Leshawna: *Starts dancing*


Leshawna: *Stops*

Blaineley: 5/10. Never dance again.

Chef: Same as her 5/10.

Chris: 5/10...

Leshawna: I assume you hated the singing and like the dancing! I'll be sure to not that!

Judges: NOOOO!!!

Act 18Edit

Duncan: Hi! I'm going to show you how to be a Criminal!

Chris: REDX 1/10

Chef: REDX 1/10

Blaineley: REDX 1/10

Duncan: WHY???

Chris: I hate you.

Chef: Me too.

Blaineley: I don't like being out of the main area.

Duncan: I hate all of you....

Act 19Edit

Heather: Ugh, why do I waste my time, I know I'm going to win.

Chris: Ballet is kinda boring Heather.

Heather: *Does ballet to the tune of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor"

Blaineley: 10/10

Chef: Who knew you could do modern ballet! 7/10

Chris: Meh. 5/10

Heather: Grr...

Act 20Edit

Gwen: Just make me move on already.

Chris: Do your act first!

Gwen: Ugh, why don't you just press the golden button, I'm obviously winning.

Blaineley: What is your talent?

Gwen: Shouldn't you know? I'm better than you!

Chef: It says here, her talent is "Being a b!tch"

Gwen: It should say being me!

Blaineley: She is doing an excellent job! 10/10!

Chris: Plus she is goth! 10/10

Chef: 10/10

Gwen: I demand a higher score!

Cane: *Pulls her off stage*

Act 21Edit

Owen: Ahem *Chugs a full jug of water*

Blaineley: What the?


Chef: NICE! 10/10

Blaineley: EWWWWW! 1/10

Chris: Because I am a troll, 3/10 :)


Act 22Edit


Chef: Hi. ._.

Sierra: OK, so I'm going to break these 12 Large and Thick Bricks with my hand!

Blaineley: REDX That's not possible.

Sierra: IT IS POSSIBLE BLAINELEY!!! *Breaks the 12 Bricks with her fist*

Blaineley: Oh.... Shi-

Chef: 6/10 I'm really scared now.

Chris: 4/10 For scaring us both.

Blaineley: 10/10 For proving me wrong.

Act 23Edit

Alejandro: I am hypnotizing Chef.


Blaineley: Really Chef?

Chef: I am not getting hypnotized again...

Blaineley: Sorry for Chef. I will give you a 10/10

Chris: Me too! 10/10

Chef: 1/10

Alejandro: Nice try, Chef!



  • Chris
  • Chef
  • Blaineley
Character Talent Status
Ezekiel Bow and Arrow shooting. Eliminated Audition Round
Eva Ultra weight lifting. Still In
Noah Comedy. Team Chris
Justin He has none, he just looks pretty. Team Blaineley
Katie and Sadie Dancing Still In
Tyler X-Treme sports Eliminated Audition Round
Izzy Hypnotism Team Chef
Cody Yo-yo tricks. Still In
Beth Singing Still In
Courtney Singing Team Blaineley
Harold Beatboxing Still In
Trent Singing Still In
Bridgette She can stand on her hands for 20 minutes. Eliminated Audition Round
Lindsay Singing Still In
DJ Magic Eliminated Audition Round
Geoff Skateboarding Still In
Leshawna Singing and Dancing Still In
Duncan Being a Criminal Eliminated Audition Round
Heather Dancing Still In
Gwen Being a b!tch Still In
Owen Burping the alphabet Eliminated Audition Round
Sierra Amazing fighting styles. Still In
Alejandro Hypnotism Still In
Staci History lessons Did Not Go Yet
Dakota Singing Did Not Go Yet
B Singing (XD) Did Not Go Yet
Dawn Comedy Did Not Go Yet
Sam Playing video games Did Not Go Yet
Brick Being a leader Did Not Go Yet
Anne Maria Being a ho Did Not Go Yet
Mike Magic Did Not Go Yet
Jo Ultra weight lifting Did Not Go Yet
Scott Carving wood with anything Did Not Go Yet
Zoey Singing Did Not Go Yet
Lightning Nothing, he just shows his muscles. Did Not Go Yet
Cameron Magic Did Not Go Yet
Beardo Beatboxing Did Not Go Yet
Leonard Epic LARPing Did Not Go Yet
Amy Singing Did Not Go Yet
Rodney Nothing, he gets distracted by girls. Did Not Go Yet
Samey Disguise making Did Not Go Yet
Ella Singing Did Not Go Yet
Topher Impressions Did Not Go Yet
Dave Comedy Did Not Go Yet
Scarlett Being Evil Did Not Go Yet
Max Being Evil Did Not Go Yet
Jasmine Boxing Did Not Go Yet
Sugar Rapping Did Not Go Yet
Sky Tap Dancing Did Not Go Yet
Shawn Arm pit orchestra Did Not Go Yet
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