Welcome to season one of my first roleplay!

Sorry, but there are no spots left! Edit


It is first come, first serve so sign up fast! You can sign up as any character you want, but make sure someone hasn't already taken them. Also comment what team you want to be on. There will be seven people to a team. This is only season 1 and there will be many others including an all star season! You will have to compete in challenges through the comments of the wiki. There will be 14 spots. Good luck!


Killer Bass

  • Shawn-Total Drama Fan,
  • Noah- Erick Mejia,
  • Sugar- Luis Steele,
  • Scott- Slamsam88
  • Cody- Bryson Total Drama Boutin
  • Beardo- Jakerbraker123
  • B- Locogamer64

Screaming Gophers

  • Heather- WildSpanishKid,
  • Dakota- TDFan4Ever,
  • Geoff- TDstuff2
  • LeShawna- Robby Fowler
  • Owen- Teenagegamer777
  • Ella- totaldrama fan
  • Trent- Mjmpb11
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