Total Drama Chefs is an episode in season 1, Total Drama Island.


Chris: Last time on total drama, we took a trip to Boney Island and Trent got eliminated. Who will go next? Find out all that and more right now on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!

Intro Plays

Confessional Static

Scott: It would be great for my game if I was in an alliance with Cody...

Confessional Static

Owen: I'm so glad Mr. Coconut is back! Maybe this is a sign and he's a good luck charm!

Confessional Static

Cody: Asking out Dakota isn't only good for my game, but I think she's really pretty and cool!

Confessional Static

Chris: Meet me in an hour at the main hall!

Owen: Are you happy to see me, Mr. Coconut?

Mr. Coconut: *Sits*

Owen: How did you survive by yourself?

Mr. Coconut: *Sits*

Owen: Are you happy with me?

Mr. Coconut: *Wind Makes Him Nod*

Owen: Yay! I got to go!

Owen Leaves

Mr. Coconut: *Falls Down*

At the Main Hall

Chris: Your challenge is to make me something to eat. The team with the best food wins!

One Hour Later

Chris: The winners are The Screaming Gophers! That means that The Killer Bass have to go to elimination! Meet me at the elimination ceremony in an hour!

Confessional Static

LeShawna: This is great! I'm still here! I'm open to any alliances as long as B is in it too.

Confessional Static

Scott: We lost again!? How is this possible!?

Confessional Static

Noah: We're losing the challenges! C'mon everybody, it isn't time to relax yet!

Confessional Static

Geoff: I'm using the restroom here!

Confessional Static

Cody: Hey Noah, LeShawna!

Noah and LeShawna: What!

Cody: Alliance?

Noah and LeShawna: Sure

Cody: Great!

At the Elimination Ceremony

Chris: The first marshmallow goes to...Cody!

Cody: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: B!

B: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: Scott!

Scott: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: The last marshmallow goes to...

Chris: Noah!

Noah: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: That means Sugar is going home!

Sugar: But I was supposed to win this pageant...

Chris: See ya next time!

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