Hurt and Heal

This is the Total Drama Hurt and Heal


Every total drama contestant will be playing in this. Every day, you can vote for a player to hurt and a player to heal. Hurting a player takes away a point and healing a player adds one. When a player reaches 0 points, they are out. If a player reaches over 15 points, they are immune and they can't be healed, only hurt and it will take 3 hurts to loose a point. If every character becomes immune, they will all reset back to six. Every character starts with 5 points. Every hundredth commenter (100th, 200th, 300th, etc.) gets 18 hurts and 18 heals that they can distribute however they want. The last character standing wins.


Color Description
1st This character has won
2nd This character has placed 2nd
3rd This character has placed 3rd
Color Description
5+ This character has more than the starting 5 points and is winning
5- This character only has less than the starting 5 points and is losing
5 This character is safe and is neutral
OUT This character has been eliminated
15 This character is immune and will take 3 hurts to lose a point


Character Points Rank
Beth OUT 49th
Bridgette 6 TBAth
Courtney 8 TBAth
Cody OUT 33th
DJ 7 TBAth
Duncan 15 TBAth
Eva 5 TBAth
Ezekiel OUT 48th
Geoff 7 TBAth
Gwen 15 TBAth
Harold OUT 35th
Heather 15 TBAth
Izzy OUT 46th
Justin OUT 38th
Katie 7 TBAth
LeShawna OUT 34th
Lindsay 5 TBAth
Noah 6 TBAth
Owen 8 TBAth
Sadie OUT 36th
Trent OUT 43th
Tyler 5 TBAth
Blaineley OUT 40th
Alejandro OUT 50th
Sierra 2 TBAth
Staci OUT 45th
Anne Maria OUT 47th
B 15 TBAth
Brick 4 TBAth
Cameron OUT 44th
Dakota 15 TBAth
Dawn OUT 41th
Jo OUT 52th
Lightning 8 TBAth
Mike 6 TBAth
Sam OUT 42th
Scott 15 TBAth
Zoey 5 TBAth
Beardo 15 TBAth
Leonard OUT 37th
Amy 2 TBAth
Samey 12 TBAth
Rodney OUT 34th
Ella OUT 39th
Topher 5 TBAth
Dave 6 TBAth
Scarlett 5 TBAth
Max 15 TBAth
Jasmine 4 TBAth
Sugar OUT 51th
Sky 9 TBAth
Shawn 15 TBAth
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