Chris: Welcome to the aftermath show! We have a lot of surprises today including interviews with Beardo, Shawn, Trent, and Sugar! But I won't be the host! Today we have...Topher!

Topher: Hi everyone! I am Topher and will host the aftermath show! My assistant will be Amy! So let's start it!

Aftermath Theme Plays

Topher: Let's start the show off by interviewing the eliminated contestants. Then we will do something that will blow your minds! Our first contestant can imitate any sound, has a huge head of hair, and has a interesting name!

Amy: Let's welcome Beardo!

Beardo: What's up everybody?

Topher: Great! I am finally the host of a show! How does it feel to be eliminated first?

Beardo: Not that great. If my teammates would have known me better, I wouldn't be eliminated.

Amy: On your short stay on the island, did you make any friends?

Beardo: Not really...

Topher: How about enemies?

Beardo: I don't think so, but Scott was kind of mad when I didn't do the challenge.

Topher: Time for our next guest! He is afraid of the undead, can hop from tree to tree lightning fast, and knows how to use any weapon!

Amy: Let's welcome Shawn!

Shawn: Hi everybody!

Topher: Hi Shawn! Amy, got any questions for Shawn?

Amy: Shawn, why do you think you got voted out so early?

Shawn: I didn't do that great in the dodge ball challenge and I'm kind of a threat, but I think I should have stayed longer.

Topher: Well did you know that someone switched the votes to vote you off?

Shawn: WHAT? WHO?

Topher: Sorry, but I can't tell!

Shawn: When I find them, they will pay!

Topher: Our next guest knows how to play the guitar, once went insane, and kissed Heather!

Amy: Welcome Trent!

Trent: Hey guys, nice to be here!

Topher: Who do you think will win this season?

Trent: Scott, maybe.

Topher: Why?

Trent: He is very good at challenges.

Topher: Who do you think will be going home next?

Trent: Maybe Ella.

Topher: Our last guest lived on a farm, east disgusting food for fun, and competes in pageants!

Amy: Welcome Sugar!

Sugar: Hi yall!

Topher: You only lasted four episodes! Who do you think that is?

Sugar: I don't know, I thought I was likeable.

Amy: Do you think you teammates liked you?

Sugar: I don't know, I thought they did.

Shawn: Can we get to the part that will blow our minds?

Topher: Yes. The eliminated contestants will get to vote for a player to get eliminated. The player with the most votes is out.

Everybody Votes

Topher: The votes are in. I will send them to Chris back at Camp Wawanakwa.

Scene Switches to Camp Wawanakwa

Chris: I just got the word from Topher. I will now set up an elimination ceremony.

At the Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Just now, Topher and the eliminated contestants got to choose someone to eliminate. I will call your name if you are safe. The first person safe is...Scott!

Chris: Cody!

Chris: Noah!

Chris: Dakota!

Chris: Geoff!

Chris: LeShawna!

Chris: Heather!

Chris: Owen!

Chris The final person safe is...

Chris: Ella! That means B is out! Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!

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