Welcome To Boney Island is the third episode in Total Drama island.


Chris: Last time, we played a game of dodge ball and Shawn got eliminated. Who will be eliminated next? What will the challenge be? Find out all that and more right now on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!

Intro Plays

Confessional Static

Scott: My alliance with Shawn is ruined after he go eliminated...poor guy.

Confessional Static

Owen: Cake!

Confessional Static

Cody: I need an alliance or girlfriend in this game...

Confessional Static

Chris: Meet me at the beach in an hour!

LeShawna: Hey B!

B- *Nods Head*

LeShawna: How's it going!

B- *Thumbs Up*

LeShawna: I really wish we were on the same team...

B: *Nods head*

LeShawna: I was just thinking of voting the person who doesn't do the challenge if my team loses.

B:*Nods Head*

Cody: Hey Dakota!

Dakota: Yeah!

Cody: Would you lie to be in a relationship with the Codmiester? (Nervous Laugh) It do good in the magazines...

Dakota: Sure! Anything for the ratings!

Cody: Yes!

At The Beach

Chris: You will be riding a canoe to Boney Island and back. First team to have all their players back, wins!

Confessional Static

Scott: We need to start winning challenges! I hope my teammates get their heads in the game...

Confessional Static

Cody: We need to win this challenge!

Confessional Static

Chris: READY...SET...GO!

30 Minutes Later

LeShawna: *Makes It Back*

Cody: *Makes It Back*

Scott: *Makes It Back*

Dakota: *Makes It Back*

Heather: *Makes It Back*

Geoff: *Makes It Back*

Noah: *Makes It Back*

Ella: *Makes It Back*

B: *Makes It Back*

Owen: *Makes It Back*

Chris: Sugar and Trent are both on their way back. If Sugar wins, so do The Killer Bass. If Trent wins, so do The Screaming Gophers.

Trent: My boat is stuck on a rock, Help!

Sugar: *Makes It Back*

Chris: The Killer Bass Win! And The Screaming Gophers will be heading to their first elimination ceremony. Meet me in in hour for the elimination ceremony!

Confessional Static

Scott: Great We won this round!

Confessional Static

Ella: If I get voted out, I will sure total drama...

Confessional Static

Dakota: Trent didn't do the challenge, so I am voting him...

Confessional Static

LeShawna: Hey Noah!

Noah: Hey LeShawna!

LeShawna: How would you like to be in a relationship with LeShawna?

Noah: Sure?

LeShawna: Kay! Thanks Noah!

Owen: *Finds Mr. Coconut* How did you get here? *Hides Him Under His Bed* You will be safe here...

At The Elimination Ceremony

Chris: The first marshmallow goes to...LeShawna!

LeShawna: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: Geoff!

Geoff: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: Heather!

Heather: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: Ella!

Ella: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: Owen!

Owen: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: The final marshmallow goes to...

Chris: Dakota!

Dakota: *Eats Marshmallow*

Chris: That means Trent is eliminated!

Trent: Bye, guys...

Chris: Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!

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