Welcome To Wawanakwa is the first episode of season 1, Total Drama Island.


Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Island, where 14 competitors will be competing for 1,000,000. First up, Shawn, Heather, and Noah!

Shawn: Whats up!

Heather: Drop dead, zombie freak!

Noah: Fine, you both win.

Confessional Static

Noah: I need to be careful about what I'm doing this season. If not, it's game over. But I know everything is going to be alright. I hope so...

Confessional Static

Chris: Next, Dakota, Sugar, Geoff!

Dakota: Hi everybody! Where's my paparazzi?

Sugar: Hi, yall!

Geoff: Let's party!

Chris: Next, Scott, LeShawna, and Cody!

Scott: Hi everyone.

LeShawna: LeShawna in the house!

Cody: Say hello to the Codmiester!

Confessional Static

LeShawna: I need an alliance to make it far in this game. I ready for this season, so good luck to everyone.

Confessional Static

Chris: Next, Owen, Beardo, and Ella

Owen: Hey, this is so awesome!

Beardo: What's up dudes!

Ella: Hi everyone, I'm Ella. Nice to meet you!

Confessional Static

Ella; I'm so happy to be here! I hope everyone likes me!

Confessional Static

Chris: Lastly, B and Trent

B: *Waves*

Trent: Hi, nice to be here!

Chris: Meet me in the main hall in an hour!

LeShawna: Hey B, alliance?

B: *Nods head*

LeShawna: Nice!

Scott: Shawn, alliance?

Shawn: Yes!

One hour later in the main hall

Scott: So what are we supposed to be here for?

Chris: To pick teams! Shawn, Noah, Sugar, Scott, Cody, Beardo, and B, you are The Killer Bass:

Member of The Killer Bass: *Cheers*

Chris: Heather, Dakota, Geoff, LeShawna, Owen, Ella, and Trent, you are The Screaming Gophers!

Members of The Screaming Gophers: *Cheers*

Chris: Meet me on the cliff in one hour for your first challenge!

Heather: Hey Sugar, even though we're on different teams, want to be in an alliance with me?

Sugar: Sure!

One hour later on the cliff

Chris: Your first challenge is to jump off a cliff into shark infested waters. The team with the most jumpers wins! The Screaming Gophers will go first.

Heather: *Jumps*

Dakota: *Jumps*

Geoff: *Jumps*

LeShawna: *Jumps*

Owen: *Jumps*

Ella: *Jumps*

Trent: Sorry guys, I'm afraid of sharks.

Chris: The Screaming Gophers end up with six out of seven jumpers. Now for The Killer Bass.

Shawn: *Jumps*

Noah: *Jumps*

Scott: *Jumps*

Cody: *Jumps*

B: *Jumps*

Beardo: Sorry but water ruins my headphones.

Scott: Ugh! Thanks Beardo!

Chris: The Killer Bass need Sugar to jump to tie with the Screaming Gophers!

The Killer Bass: C'mon Sugar!

Sugar: Sorry, but the water will ruin my hair!

The Killer Bass: Aww...

Chris: Meet me in a hour at the elimination ceremony!

An hour later at the elimination ceremony

Chris you will all vote for who you want to eliminate on your team.

Everyone Votes

Chris: First marshmallow goes to Shawn!

Shawn: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: Noah!

Noah: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: Scott!

Scott: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: B!

B: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: Cody!

Cody: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: The final person safe is...

Chris: Sugar!

Sugar: *Catches marshmallow*

Chris: That means Beardo is eliminated!

Beardo: Aww man!

Chris: Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!

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