Chris: The Killer Bass are down to three people and their opposing team has six. Which team will win and which team will crumble under the pressure? Find out all that and more right now on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!

Intro Plays

Confessional Static

Geoff: Ugh! B is gone!

Confessional Static

Ella: I was so close to being eliminated last episode! I've never felt so scared!

Confessional Static

Scott: Our team is destroyed! We only have three people left!

Confessional Static

LeShawna: It stinks that B is gone. At least I have a new alliance.

Confessional Static

Cody: Oh man, this game is getting far! I'm beginning to have a target on my back!

Confessional Static

Owen: I need more people in my alliance other than Mr. Coconut.

Confessional Static

Chris: Meet me at the stage in half an hour!

Owen: Hey LeShawna, want to be in my alliance?

LeShawna: Sure!

Owen: Yay! Your in an alliance with me and Mr. Coconut!

At the Stage

Chris: Your challenge is a talent show. The team with the best talents wins. Let's start with The Killer Bass!

Noah: My talent is breakdancing! Breakdances

Scott: So is mine! Breakdances

Cody: I know ho to make a computer! Does it

Chris: Now it's time for The Screaming Gophers!

Ellla: Mine is singing! Sings

15 Minutes Later

Chris: The winners are The Screaming Gophers and The Killer Bass have to go to elimination!

Confessional Static

Dakota: NO! My Cody-Wodie could get eliminated! Please be Scott or Noah!

Confessional Static

Scott: Well, I know I'm out...

Confessional Static

Scott: Hey Cody! Want to get Noah out?

Cody: Sorry but I have an alliance with him

Noah: I won't tell you who I'm voting for...

At the Elimination Ceremony

Chris: I'm going to do this differently this time because I wanted to change it up...and Chef ate all the marshmallows. First vote goes to...Scott!

Chris: Second vote goes to Noah!

Chris: The final vote goes to...

Chris: Scott! That means you are eliminated!

Scott: See ya!

Chris: The team of three becomes the team of two! Will they loose again? Or will they win for once? Find out next time!

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